Ремонт Ремонт

Currently, a large number of electric locomotives current does not satisfy the requirements of the new generation of technology both in efficiency and reliability, and on the conditions of locomotive crews. However, even with the possibility of acquiring new locomotives - to write off old ones do not: overhaul and modernization of a decent way to upgrade the rolling stock. Much of the engine components and devices are physically and morally obsolete faster than the machine as a whole. Investment in capital repairs and upgrades will provide increased service life of locomotives at 15-17 years
JSC "Elmavalmshenebeli" successfully carried out major repairs and modernization of the main line and industrial electric locomotives of different modifications. The modernization of the locomotive fleet is aimed at improving performance and increasing reliability. We offer a relevant program af modernization for each of our products. The main criterion in the selection of programs for each customer - economic efficiency and the optimal value of the work. It all depends on the technical condition of vehicles and purposes of the customer. The modernization program is a complete solution, so we also take into account the current health standards. Workplace driver designed in parallel with the technical equipment of the locomotive. Our modernization program meet the requirements of the customer and are quite competitive. The upgraded locomotives are highly reliable. In addition, the significantly reduced amount of maintenance.